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Special Services


If you are looking for an experienced and reliable business travel partner in South East Asia, Exploring Tourism (Travel/Tours/MICE) Co.,Ltd has all you need to organize successful MICE trips! We specialize in planning and organizing incentive trips. Also we are experienced in organizing school trips.

Exploring Tourism (Travel/Tours/MICE) Co.,Ltd can take care of the arrangements of your next event, including meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions or seminar facilities, as well as all land operations. 

Feel free to connect us with your groups’ size and requirements and we will work with you to build a tailor-made program for your next MICE trip. Trust Exploring Tourism (Travel/Tours/MICE) Co.,Ltd for truly unique, rewarding and enriching experiences 


Traditional Wedding Tour - Wedding in Nepal: 

The wedding traditions of Hindu and Buddhist are most popular among marriage traditions and ceremonies of various ethnic groups and castes of Nepal.  Nepal has more than sixy ethnic groups.  The culture of different cast of people is different. In Nepal most of the people follow the Hindu and Buddhist religion. So they follow the Hindu and Buddhist wedding customs. Both of them deeply believe in traditional marriages. In the society of Hindus and Buddhist traditional marriage is supposed to last a lifetime. It is an unshakable and traditional conviction that such marriages lead to much conjugal happiness and success. It emphasizes on mutual respect and discourages the practice of divorce.
Nepalese wedding rituals attract many visitors.  Some of them even renew their marriage vows by marrying in the Nepali tradition. We can manage such traditional marriage ceremonies following the rituals of Hindu and Buddhist religions as per the interest of the couple.
Traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies in Nepal are a major celebration which takes place only on certain months, of the year i.e from mid January to mid-March, mid-April to mid-June and mid-November to mid-December. Highly regarded as a sacrament, Hindu marriages are solemnized in accordance with the VEDAS, the holy scriptures of the Hindu religion that date back several thousand years. The notable features of such weddings are, the ceremony is held in the open under a canopy known as mandap with a sacred fire in the center and the bride and bridegroom walk around it seven times. The ceremony is carried out by the priest. The groom's party is supposed to arrive at the wedding venue in a procession, so it's good to have a convenient assembly location nearby.
Astrologers decide on auspicious dates of the marriage on the basis of the position of the stars. The Nepali wedding ceremony is grand affair where the bride and bridegroom perform the Puja and take best wishes as well as blessing from relatives, friends and family members. The marriage venue is decorated by colorful paper flowers and twinkling lights. A Nepalese bride dresses in the bridal color of red and is bejeweled with gold and precious gems. Traditionally, the bride and groom are escorted to the marriage venue. In a village the couple reach the marriage venue on horses or baskets, while in a city marriage the couple arrive at the venue in a decorated car. Music is an essential part of marriages. The traditional music, Pachai Baja and folk songs still popular among people are played as the Nepali people believe that playing traditional music strengthens the nuptial knot and pleases God.
Some of the popular weddings in caste basis are
  • BRAHMAN /CHHETRI Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • MAGAR Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • THARU Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • SHERPA Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • NEWARI Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • TAMANG Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • RAI Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • GURUNG Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • LIMBU Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • CHEPANG Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • THAKALI Traditional Wedding Nepal
  • PAHARi Traditional Wedding

Note: If you are interested in any kind of traditional Wedding in Nepal. You can join to see the wedding or even if you are going to get married, we can arrange everything for your wedding ceremony.


Yoga means union- union with oneself and with the whole. It is a juicy love affair with the cosmos. All that one has to do is join all fragements of the mind: thoughts-emotions-fantansies-memories etc. and weave them into a steady flow of consciousness which is dhyana, meditation. Then yoga happens by itself. ‘Yoga is the source of spirituality and spirituality is the basis of all religions. Yoga is the way of God.’ Said by Osho Rajanish describe the power and importance of yoga on human life. Many side effect and impossible treatment of modern medical development,  Yoga and Meditation can solve the problem without any side effects. So, Yoga & Meditation has gained immense popularity in the last decade. It is Obvious to us that an awareness of our body and mind has a great impact on the quality and vitality of our daily life. Yoga helps us to understand our body, its' functioning and its relationship to the mind. 

You have a very unnatural body. It is unnatural not only because it has been conditioned by the outside, but also because of too much mental suppression inside. There are very complex suppressions in your body and unless these body complexes are released we are in tension and problems.  So we can arrnage you different yoga sessions and courses including kundalini yoga, Kriya Yoga and Hatha Yoga that enables you to keep up the physical fitness and harmony of the body, mind and soul.Meditation is the process of getting ourself in different form. It comes to Buddha, it comes to Jesus, it comes to everybody who is ready, who is open and seeking. 

When you are no more, you are in meditation. Meditation is not more of you; it is always beyond you. When you are in the abyss, meditation is there. Then the ego is not; then you are not. Then the being is. That is what religions mean by God: the ultimate being. It is the essence of all religions, all searches, but it is not to be found anywhere ready-made. If you are interested in our Yoga and Meditation package, we can arrange yoga and meditation course in and around Kathmandu. Pokhara is also another destination for yoga and meditation course.

Meditation Courses

  • Basic Session for Beginners
  • Three Days Intensive Meditation Course
  • Six Days Transformation Meditation Course
  • Nine Days Sannyas Course
  • Vipassana Meditation

Yoga Courses:

  • Three days yoga course
  • Seven Days yoga course
  • Yoga teacher Training (Yoga Teacher Training is designed for the needs of individual students


Nepal, Known as Kingdom of Himalayas, also known as the Switzerland of Asia, is not only beautiful with its snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear lakes, gushing rivers, rare variety of flora and fauna, myriad temples and stupas but equally exotic as well. It,s a Shangri-La where people come with a hope of having a glimpse of Yeti, a mysterious abominable snow animal, or even in quest for nirvana or enlightenment. But at the same time it is a country where tradition and modernity intermingle with each other and peoples with diverse languages, religions and cultures co-exist.

Every year many documentary filmmakers from all over the world come to Nepal to capture the rich cultural heritage and diversity with their cameras. Some even come just to capture the rare natural beauty and virgin locales of the land. But even large-scale productions have been shot in Nepal. Films like The Little Buddha and The Golden Child have captured the glorious past, the diverse landscape, the rich cultural heritage and architectural splendor of the land. The Oscar-nominated Caravan, portraying fortitude of the people living amidst adverse natural conditions in Dolpo, a mountain district, has captured the majestic panorama of mountainous landscapes and lakes.

Besides this, numerous Bollywood films have been shot here, capturing the beautiful and exotic locales of the land. One major film Khudagawha, whose story was set in the acrid mountain deserts of Afghanistan, was shot in Nepal when it became impossible to continue shooting in Afghanistan. In 2001, 41 foreign films were shot in Nepal.

We Explore Tourism offer the Documantary and Photography tour in Nepal who are seeking the right place to make Tele film, feture film, TV serial, News and documentaries on nature, culture, adventure and heritage: Nepal would be the one of the right destination. Thus, we invite all the interested adventure filmmakers for a fabulous filming trip to Nepal. We are sure that we will make your film trip to Nepal an interesting and forever memorable one. Accompanied by our hardworking, innovative, resourceful crew, we will escort you to places which you have never visited to all those Paradise which are yet to be explored.


Honey Hunting in Nepal is an age-old tradition of collecting honey from the wild honeycombs built on steep cliffs. Local honey hunters show their exceptional skills by hanging themselves from cliffs as high as 300 meters using Bamboo ladders and hemp ropes, while harvesting the honeycombs. Everyone is thrilled to watch honey hunters at work. We organize this kind of Honey hunting tour on full board camping basis. We have well experienced local Honey Hunters to do this job. Join our honey hunting tour and discover local tradition and Gurung culture in Nepal. During the tour in Nepal you will visit the most beautiful village & immerse in the hospitality of the local people.