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Special Services

Our tours range from textiles, artistic and cultural journeys to the tasty and sustaining pursuit of good cooking. Our tours travel to exotic locations for the sheer pleasure of being there, the opportunity to soak up rich cultural experiences, and because we believe that moving away from everyday life to somewhere a little magical will help you refresh and unlock your own creative spring. Whether you are visiting Nepal and our destination for the first time or coming back for a special occasion, you’ll discover a city full of unforgettable landmarks and exciting things to do. Fully guided and semi guided art and lifestyle tours focusing on art traditions, textiles, cuisine and heritage - you can enquire with us about the tours or create your own group and ask us for help:

Cooking classes - Half Day:
How to learn to cook some of the famous local dishes with the most important local cook? We start in the morning with a trip to one of the main and biggest market in..
Helicopter tour - 1 – 2 hours:
The scenic helicopter tour allows you to see the city running out of breath in front of the splendor view from an amazing perspective.
Special Interest Tour:
Learning, enjoying and partaking in something unique lets us expand our capabilities as well as increasing our level of understanding of a particular subject or location. That’s why special interest tours are ideal for those of us who prefer to spend our hard earned time off doing something worthwhile and meaningful in order to replenish our mind, body and soul. Photography, history, languages, yoga or cookery; it’s your holiday, so make it special.

We are extremely proud of our lifestyle and special interest tours designed to provide you with an extra special dimension to your holidays. So whether your passion is photography, wildlife experiences, great migrations, festivals, safaris and bird watching, or art and history, The Exploring Tourism has itineraries and ideas designed with you in mind.

With experts in each individual field and staff with years of experience searching the most captivating destinations (including Bhutan, Tibet, India, Sikkim and Darjeeling, Cambodia and Nepal), we possess resources and insight to make your holiday uniquely special. If you do not see what you desire it is probably because space does not permit us to show all that we can do here!

Textile and Lifestyle Tour:
Our textiles, craft tours are guided by a desire not to impact on local communities but to tip toe into the lives of those we visit and share with them our love of textiles, traditional crafts and cultures. We specialize in taking small groups of friendly folks to destinations where the local people wear traditional dress, make their own textiles, celebrate at exciting festivals, and live among fascinating archaeology and architecture. 
Our unique itineraries are not your standard sightseeing tour as we pride ourselves on giving you truly unique experiences every day.  Our small group tours of only 10 ensure you experience your destination in a unique and personal way and our independent tailor-made tours allow you to travel when it best fits with you.
Art and Architecture Tour:
Our architecture tours celebrate great buildings as monuments and as dwelling-spaces, as works of engineering and works of art, and as vital components in a city’s mythos. Some tours follow particular themes, or even single architects, others survey a broader range of buildings, the best that the region has to offer.
Photography Tours:
Are you interested in Photography and want to get your camera to more interesting places? On our Photography focused tours you'll learn tips and techniques while exploring picturesque places with local experts who know the remote areas, away from the tourist crowds. Our tours cater for both those who seek more intensive instruction and technique advice, to those who are experienced and confident and looking for unforgettable photo opportunities.
Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda Tours:
Yoga is the science of the Union with the divine, with Truth, Tantra is the most direct method of controlling the energy that creates the ultimate union with truth, and Ayurveda is the science of life. The purpose of each practice is to help the individual achieve longevity, rejuvenation and self-realization. The object of the practice of Yoga and Tantra is liberation, although only certain disciplined individuals are able to achieve the ultimate goals through these practices. If Ayurveda is the science of the body, Yoga is the science of the body, Yoga is the science of spirit. They are sister sciences. The practice of Yoga is an important, natural, preventive measure to ensure good health. The practice of an ayurvedic regimen is a precursor to Yoga because it is only when the body is fit that the individual is ready to study the spiritual science of Yoga.

The word Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit word "Ayur" meaning "longevity" and "Veda" meaning "science". It is a science which enhances the quality of living and in a way, to cope with the changing seasons. Yoga is a combination of postures and breathing techniques which unites the mind, body and the soul. Many yoga postures and Ayurveda treatments prove to be a solution for daily problems as well as some ailments.

Give a new direction to your spiritual side, embark on Yoga and Ayurveda tours to Nepal, India and Bhutan. Peaceful locations, experienced trainers, and a very natural ambience, nothing could encourage you more than these to embark on a trail into healthy living. Whether it is beauty treatments offered by Ayurveda or meditation techniques for peace made available through the yoga tours, the choice ultimately is yours. Some prominent destinations that one can visit, while on Ayurveda holidays in Nepal and India.

Our designed itinerary make a traveler spend time at the healing resorts to get liberated from the humdrum and hectic day-to-day existence. All our suggested resorts positioned at the outskirts of the cityscape and spread over the lush green surroundings, essential to make individual relaxed and comfortable.

Agriculture/Farming Tours:
Farm/ranch recreation refers to activities conducted on private agricultural lands, which might include fee-hunting and fishing, overnight stays, educational activities, etc. This category of tourism is a subset of a larger industry known as agritourism. Agritourism is "a commercial enterprise at a working farm, ranch, or agricultural plant conducted for the enjoyment of visitors that generates supplemental income for the owner.

Have you ever been on a farm?  A great way to learn more about agriculture is to connect with a farmer and visit a farm in person or virtually. We exploring tourism provides you with the opportunity to travel throughout Nepal, Cambodia and India on tours customized to your needs.  We specialize in organizing agricultural tours for farmers, agribusiness people and others interested in rural life.  We have a breadth of experience, a passion for agriculture and, for more than two decades, our agricultural travel professionals have “raised the bar” to ensure your tour experience exceeds your expectations.